Standard treatments are 50-minute sessions. The initial appointment is extended to include an in-depth consultation.

Restorative Reflexology
The objective of the treatment is to promote healing - this can be to specifically alleviate symptoms of an acute or chronic ailment, or to improve general health and well being. 
A full reflexology routine will be performed to clear any Chi blockages and the treatment will be tailored to focus on areas specific to you. The revitalization of energy, reduction of stress and restoration of balance across all body systems will be part of every treatment.

Pregnancy Reflexology
Reflexology can work in a number of ways to assist contraception as well as support a woman during pregnancy.
Pre-pregnancy; the treatment protocols will focus on the endocrine system via the reflexes to help regulate menstrual cycles and create the right ecology for ovulation. Particular health issues affecting fertility such as low sperm count, sperm mobility, fibroids, endometriosis and other conditions can also be focused on. Reflexology can work in a number of ways to assist natural conception and support assisted contraception techniques like IVF.

During pregnancy, treatments can be given after the first trimester and will support your body through the great changes in posture, muscle function and endocrine system while adapting to look after your growing baby. Reflexology may help with pregnancy related conditions such as nausea, heartburn, fluid retention, constipation, back ache and plenty more of the fascinating chances pregnancy may offer a woman.

Reflexology for Babies
Gentle reflexology is an ideal way of enhancing well-being and give babies and children a sense of security through intentional touch. The condensed routine of 20 minutes will generally focus on seven key areas to promote relaxation, aid sleep regulation, boost the immune system, improve digestion and alleviate colic or teething problems if necessary. The 'Reflexology for Babies' session includes teaching basic techniques for you to continue at home.
In addition, if the baby permits, the session will include an express reflexology for mum - this much needed TLC moment will focus on rebalancing and revitalising your body after the birth of your baby!